De Leedbewakers – Het Amsterdamse Bostheater - stralend middelpunt van de zomer


About three guards,
who are stationed at a border post
on the edge of the world
with a barrier gate. 

They are always vigilant, always ready to act.
Like rats in a cage.
Far away from civilisation.
The days are scorching hot and the nights are icy cold.

They are saluting all the time
and dreaming about people who want to cross the barrier gate,
about creatures on the horizon
and about bashing each other’s brains in. 

Are all the protocols and rituals enough to keep the kot together?


‘KØT’ is a tragicomedy and physical performance that portrays three civil servants in isolation. The borders of what can be seen as acceptable are challenged and regularly broken with brute force.

Maurits van den Berg, Lisa Groothof en Steyn de Leeuwe (better known as the Leedbewakers) describe a story of recognition and, at the same time, they move into an unknown territory.


August 13 – 16
August 20 – 23

7 pm & 9 pm

Due to our limited capacity this season, which is connected to the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, this show is performed twice in one evening: at 7 pm. and at 9 pm. The theatre is open from 6. pm for the audience of the first show. If you bought tickets for the second show, you are welcome from 8:30 pm.





It is not allowed to bring your own beverages and food to the theatre. Our bar is open and it is possible to pre-order a picnic basket. You can order a picnic box up to 24 hours before the start of the shows.


During our shows, pictures and recordings can be made. Images or shots of the audience can be also included in this footage. If you buy a ticket, you agree to this. If you have any questions, please contact