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About Boslab


Boslab is the laboratory of Het Amsterdamse Bostheater for new theater makers from various disciplines such as theater, performance, mime, dance, storytelling, scenography and music.

Boslab started in 2010 as a talent development place, where new theater makers, often recently graduated, made short experimental performances. In 2018 we took the plunge into a small-scale location festival with several performances in various places in and around the Amsterdamse Bostheater. Since then, the ten-day Boslab Theater Festival has existed with several routes and performances that are created or further developed especially for this festival.

Boslab is a playing field for makers who seek connections between theatrical disciplines and people from different generations, social and cultural backgrounds. The motto is: ‘everything should be allowed’. The beauty and mysticism of the Amsterdamse Bos, but also the fragility of nature always play a role in a performance. Think of a barking dog running through the ‘stage’, a low-flying plane or a flock of geese against a slowly darkening evening sky.
Boslab consciously builds a community of makers and also establishes longer and sustainable connections. Some makers appear at multiple editions of the Boslab Theater Festival and get the opportunity to discover and develop their own signature.