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Guidance is a spearhead of Boslab. The artistic team guides the theater makers (each from their own expertise) in a tailor-made process, depending on their needs, research questions and artistic quests. We help theater makers to refine their plans in the preparation phase, we supervise writing processes, are regularly on the floor at rehearsals and reflect together with the theater makers on their searches and attempts. If more artistic input is needed, we will look together for other guidance.

In addition to substantive guidance, the entire team of the Amsterdamse Bostheater offers support in the areas of management and production (Gwen Bakker), technology (Ramses van den Hurk), publicity and marketing (Dorèndel Overmars). Young production staff and technicians recruited by the theater makers are also guided by the experienced team of the Bostheater.

During the festival, more than 85 volunteers from the Bostheater help enthusiastically. Many of them think Boslab is the highlight of the season

New makers tell us that the serious guidance inspires them and keeps them on the track of research and development and not just production. They experience plenty of freedom to develop in their own unique way.