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Boslab consciously builds a community of theater makers and also enters into longer and sustainable commitments with theater makers. Collectief Blauwdruk made their first performance after graduating from the Arnhem Theater School in the Amsterdamse Bos. The collective was subsequently included in the New Makers Scheme of the Performing Arts Fund, guided and supported by Boslab and the Karavaan Festival. Theater maker Zephyr Brüggen is currently shaping her development process with the Bostheater, Boslab and partners in the context of the New Makers Scheme.

Our community is internationally and culturally diverse. Our directors, choreographers, players, dancers, designers and storytellers come from, among others, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Russia, Lithuania, England, Scotland, Ireland, Iran, Lebanon, Brazil, the United States.

In recent years, in addition to the above, the following theater makers have developed and shown work in Het Bostheater:

Aleksey Ovsiannikov & Elliot Dehaspe; Ali Ünal & Menzo Kircz; ; Anouk Friedli; Axelle Verkempinck; BAMBAMBAM (Merette van Hijfte, Niels van Heijningen, Tine Tabak); Bart van de Woestijne & Eva Knibbe; collective BrugMan (Dinda Provily and Jurjen Zeelen); Charles Pas; DEGASTEN; Erasmus Mackenna & Roel Pronk (LENZ); Femke Arnouts; Fernanda Libman; Gaja Caruso; Irina Koriazova; Ivar Schutte (Collective Het Paradijs); Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos; Lara van Hoof; theater collective Das Lemniscaat; Luit Bakker (La Isla Bonita); Merette van Hijfte & Pleuni Veen; MEZRAB – The House Of Stories; The Midnight Specials (Laila Claessen, Lieke van der Vegt, Just van Bommel); Niek Wagenaar’s NYMPHS; Oakwood (Hali Neto & Gerben de Jong); Raffi Feghali; Reindeer; Reinout Bongers; Sia Cyrroes; Sinead O’Brien; Sofie Kramer.