Information in English – Het Amsterdamse Bostheater - stralend middelpunt van de zomer

Summer program of the Bostheater

In the summer the Bostheater, the open air theatre in the Amsterdam Forest (Amsterdamse Bos), offers a variety of theatre plays, live concerts and children’s theatre plays.

This magical amfitheatre is a great escape from the busy city centre. With only a 25 minute bike ride from the Leidseplein you’ll find yourself in the middle of beautiful forest, where you can relax, have a nice walk in nature, plays sports, swim in the lake, make a canoe trip trough the small canals and of course enjoy arts, live music & culture at the Bostheater.


In juli and august the Amsterdams Bostheater and the Noord Nederlands Toneel proudly present Chekhov’s masterpiece The Seagull (De Meeuw). A comedy about the tragic and hilarious attempts to give life meaning.

In the artificial paradise of an estate, everyone is connected to eachother, whether they like it or not.
Without the protection of the role they are used to play in daily life, they are confronted with themselves and each other. 

The youth is showing a sickly need for recognition. The elderly fear the power of the new generation and are afraid to lose stature. Before it is too late, before the decease will strike irrevocably, they try to make the best of it – or at least make something out of it. This is how human nature proliferates, in painfully recognizable forms – self-conceit and overconfidence, addiction and boredom, lewdness and hypocrisy, longing and melancholy. All this sharply observed and witty described by master storyteller Anton Chekhov.

De Meeuw is played in dutch, however, on friday evening (from the 10th of august) the play will be subtitled in English. Please ask one of our hosts for the right seats to sit in front of the subtitles.
De Meeuw: 24 juli – 8 september, from Tuesday till Saturday, from 21:00 till 22:30 h.

Except from most of the concerts, most of the summer program is in Dutch (and not subtitled). The children’s theatre plays however are a lot of fun to watch and very easy to comprehend for the little ones.

There’s a bar and a restaurant at the theatre. You can have diner at the restaurant prior to The Meeuw. It is also possible to order a lovely picknickbasket for two persons.
During theatre evenings it is allowed to bring your own consumptions. At concert nights it is not allowed to bring your own drinks or snacks. On these evenings there are several food trucks and it is possible to order a picknickbasket.

The address of the Bostheater is: De Duizendmeterweg 7, 1182 DC Amstelveen.
It is easy accessibly by car (free parking) and bike. Unfortunately the public transport connection to the theatre is inadequate (it’s a 40 minute walk from the nearest busstop).

-When you want to buy a ticket and it says ‘uitverkocht’ this means that it is sold out.
-In case of very bad weather De Meeuw will be canceled, you’ll receive an email with a code that allows you to make a reservation for another evening. Concerts will go on in most cases, as well as kids theatre plays, for the latter we usually find another location in the theatre with a roof.
If you have a question please don’t hesitate to contact us at