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The volunteers of the Bostheater form the basis of our theater and are inextricably linked to our identity. The efforts of our volunteers contribute to the ambition to make and keep the Bostheater accessible to a wide group of visitors. We are therefore very grateful for the strong commitment of this group of very committed volunteers.


Are you in?

There is no hierarchical ladder perceptible at the Bostheater, everyone is equal. The Bostheater is a safe and cultural meeting place for volunteers, we offer space for personal development and stimulate and safeguard confidence in one’s own abilities and being. The volunteers of the Bostheater have an eye for the theater and for each other. Everyone who wants to, can participate in the Bostheater. You can participate with:

  • The bar: behind the tap or helping us out at the catering square
  • The kitchen: perhaps as a real chef or as a helping hand in preparation and in taking care of the dishes.
  • Our public reception: as a host/hostess or at the ticket checks/at our box office
  • other jobs: for the handy types or just those people who would like to become a bit more handy, there are always other jobs to do in and around our open air theatre.

What appeals to you the most? Let us know by sending an e-mail to: Harold Kreuk via As of April you can also reach us by phone on 020-6700250.

We would love to invite you for an introductory meeting and for a tour of the theater. And, before you know it, you will be part of the warmest volunteer team in Amsterdam this summer!

We hope to meet you soon.