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Ingredients and allergen list

Please note: the information on this page is from the summer 2023.
As soon as more is known about summer 2024, we will update this page.


Our products may contain different types of allergens. Scroll down for our allergen list. Do you still have a question about a product after reading this list? Send an email to We are happy to help you.


Allergen list Picnic bag

Pide: wheat (Gluten, sesame)
Cheese: Camembert from pasteurized cow’s milk (lactose)
Spinach rolls: miso, spinach, wheat (gluten, soy, egg)
Salad: chickpeas, tomato, pepper, cucumber, olives, herbs and a fresh lime dressing of oil, posters, vinegar, lemon, salt, pepper and honey.
Malable dip: eggplant, sesame, yogurt (lactose, sesame)
Labneh: drained yogurt, olive oil (lactose, sesame)
Cakes: wheat, sugar, chocolate, nuts (nuts, egg, lactose, gluten)
Nuts: (nuts, peanuts)


Allergen list for burgers

Burgers meat: beef + BBQ sauce + bacon (pork), mayonnaise (lactose, egg)
Burger bun: sepia wheat (gluten, sesame, shellfish)

Vega burgers: Beyondburger + vegan mayonnaise and sriracha mayonnaise (lactose, egg)
Vega bun: wheat and beetroot (gluten, sesame)

There is also tomato, onions with miso and lettuce on the burgers and onions and chips on the side.

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