Cancelation summer production – Het Amsterdamse Bostheater - stralend middelpunt van de zomer

Cancelation summer production - due to the outbreak of covid-19

For the first time in thirty-six years, there will be no summer theatre production in the Amsterdamse Bostheater. After the press conference of the Dutch prime minister on April 21., we (Toneelgroep Oostpool and the Amsterdamse Bostheater) have decided that it would be irresponsible and not possible to make the performance this summer. The current measures, the expected social impact, but above all the health of the cast, crew and audience, have contributed to this decision. The tickets for the summer production were not on sale yet, but we were already working on the show and preparing behind the scenes.


Every summer, the Amsterdamse Bostheater co-produces a huge theatre performance in cooperation with a well-known Dutch theatre company. This year we were looking forward to working with Toneelgroep Oostpool from Arnhem. In July and August, approximately 25,000 people usually enjoy the spectacular and large-scale performance. Since a couple of years, we also provide English subtitles during the shows for our international audience.


The Bostheater, like all Dutch theaters, must adhere to the measures that will apply until May 2020. It is currently unclear what is possible after May 19 (*new press conference by the Dutch government). However, it is clear to us that making a large-scale theatre production is going to be impossible this year. The Live At Concerts by Joep Beving and Rowwen Hèze, which would take place on May 9. and 16., can’t neither take place.


In addition to the annual theatre production in the Summer, the Bostheater usually also presents Boslab Theaterfestival; there are also various theatre productions for children from the age of 2 to 12, and music concerts by Dutch and international artists. As soon as regulation allows us to open again, the Bostheater wants to offer (alternative) summer program and we will do this in a responsible and safe manner.


After May 19., the Bostheater will reconsider what is possible on the basis of the new information from the Dutch Government. We will share all the information we have on the website.




Music concerts that cannot take place due to the coronavirus and the measures are taken to prevent the virus to spread further, are in principle postponed and moved to a later date. This is already the case for all planned concerts until May 19. 2020. Everyone who has purchased a ticket will receive an email from our ticket-partner Eventim. This email will be sent after the shows are re-scheduled and confirmed. All tickets purchased from exclusive ticket partner Eventim remain valid up to the new date.

Due to the busy circumstances, we ask everyone to wait for the information that will be sent by email. We will contact all ticket holders soon and we ask you to not yet approach Live at Amsterdamse Bos or Eventim with questions beforehand. We rely on your understanding.